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Seriously Single: the trailer

It's time to talk seriously about being single

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Brianne Hogan
This is an extended version of my podcast, Seriously Single. Here, me and my guest will answer your questions on everything about being single, love, and dating, and everything in between. Email us your questions at: or leave a comment for me.
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I have a new podcast! It’s called Seriously Single, and you can listen to the trailer above. It launches next month!

Seriously Single is the show that dives into everything that's amazing about being single, and even the stuff that's not amazing about being single. From dating to finances to sex to traveling solo and living alone, and everything in between, we're going to get into it. No more sadness, shame or stigma! It's time to embrace being single!

So, let's go! It's time to seriously talk about being single.

Here’s another cool thing that’s just for Substack subscribers. I’ll be releasing an extended version called “Dear Seriously Single” in which me and my latest guest will answer a personal question (or two) from you about being single, relationships, sex, dating and everything in between. You can do so by emailing:

The show launches September 20! So please be sure to subscribe to it on your favourite podcast platforms so you don’t miss an episode. You can subscribe to it on Spotify here or Apple podcasts.

I can’t wait for you to join me on this new project of mine! It’s going to be so fun! P.S. I get pretttttyyy vulnerable.