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Before I was a freelance writer and author, I was a writer. I know that sounds silly but there’s a freedom in just being a writer without saying you’re a writer. My mom’s convinced I started writing at 6 months old. Maybe that’s true. Maybe I am a genius.

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The first book I ever wrote was called, “War on the Magic Well.” It was a 30 page medieval tale about love, strife, and magic. It was a “Romeo and Juliet” meets “Game of Thrones” tale that involved lots of people being killed over this magical well. (Why it was magical, I don’t recall). I also remember lots of royal people having babies too. I think everyone was birthing twins for some reason. I don’t know want happened to the well. I was nine years old. I bet HBO would buy the pilot now.

The well

Anyway, since then, I’ve written for over 60 international publications, and authored two books about the cosmos. I love writing, and I love writing from my heart and I don’t care how messy it gets. This is why I love this medium: it’s strictly unfiltered.


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