Love, Brie is the sort of newsletter I wish always existed, especially when I felt like I was the only one who showed up to weddings alone or felt like I was the only one who knew the *real* vibes of the room. It’s packed full of confessions, essays, advice, musings, pop culture references, and mystical, magical stuff.

Who is Brie?

Before I was a freelance writer and author, I was a writer. I know that sounds silly but there’s a freedom in just being a writer without saying you’re a writer. My mom’s convinced I started writing at 6 months old. Maybe that’s true. Maybe I am a genius.

Everything you need to understand about me is in this photo

Today, I’ve written thousands of articles in 60+ publications over the last decade on almost everything there is to learn about love and relationships, and everything in between. My bylines have appeared in The Washington Post, Men’s Health, the BBC, Elle Canada, Scary Mommy, HelloGiggles, BuzzFeed, and many more.

I’m also the author of two books, Friendship Signs and Joy in the Stars.


What’s next?

Lots of raw, real, silliness. Some digging into the archives of my past pieces. Sharing some new ones. Essays. Lists of recommended sexy stuff. A podcast. Let’s have some fun.

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I share the things about love, life, and vision boards that you won't. I once went to a couples' resort, alone. That type of thing.


Brianne Hogan

Writer. Author. Podcast host. Anxious parallel parker. My friends call me Brie!